Beguiled: The Magic of the Marsh

This is a time of tremendous change and excitement for me. I’m leaving New England to move to Savannah, Georgia. I seek warmth, and water, and respite from the grueling winters that have become harder and harder to endure over the last 18 years.

I discovered Savannah this past winter. It didn’t take long for me to be completely captivated. When I returned to New Hampshire mid-march, to 4 degrees and black ice and snow plow mountains and grayness, I was pulled back to the green and gold of the marsh. Back to the smell and the feel and the sounds of the marsh.

I printed out pictures of a bottle nose dolphin and a roseate spoonbill and hung them in my hospital office in NH. When I thought I could hardly stand it, I’d look back at the photos, flashing blue and pink on my walls, and think “Soon. Soon.”

So, that’s how the name of this blog came to be.

I have found a house near the marsh east of the city, and I’m beguiled by the beauty I see every day.

This blog is my attempt to capture my experiences as a newcomer to the Georgia low country. Its a love letter, really, to the marshes.

To the green and gold spartina that stretches as far as my eyes can see;

To the creaking and croaking herons, egrets and ibis that jostle for positions on their night time roosting tree;

To the bottlenose dolphins that chuff and glide through the quiet, winding creeks;

To the roseate spoonbills that flash their astonishing feathers, too pink to seem real;

To the air, warm and wet, that smells of salt and sulfur and so much life; and

To the long, long horizon that melds land and sea, shining and shifting under the buttery, golden light.

I’m not sure where this blog will take me. But I hope it will let me share some of my adventures as I navigate this new, watery land.

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